Students can develop skills and knowledge in the permaculture, agriculture, horticulture and conservation sectors. The permaculture focus:

  • Encourages  students to work and learn from the school garden or community garden
  • Emphasises sustainable living practices
  • Provides opportunities to care for plants, animals and the environment
  • Provides students with training and opportunities to learn the life skills of growing and propagating plants, building soil and undertaking organic practices to minimise their impact on the environment.

AHC10422 – Certificate I in Permaculture VET in School Programs is well suited for students who have learning difficulties or special needs. Some schools are offering this at lower school levels (Yr 9 or 10) as it can be completed in one year. Education Support students will take two years, and some may not complete all units. There are seven units, typically taking 30 to 40 hours each, so the course can easily be undertaken with a few hours each week over two years, or most of one day over one year.

AHC21722 – Certificate II in Permaculture is more suitable for upper school students (Yrs 10-12) as an alternative to the more rigorous ATAR courses. There are 15 units in this course and these can be undertaken with about 4 hours each week over the two years.