Course objectives
This is a professional level translator training program designed for people who already have advanced bilingual skills and want to learn to translate special purpose texts.

Course structure
This qualification requires the completion of the following:

PSPTIS101            Negotiate translating and interpreting assignments
CUAWRT401         Edit Texts
PSPTIS06              Analyse text types for translation of special purpose texts (LOTE-English)
PSPTIS061            Quality assure translations
PSPTIS100            Apply codes and standards to professional judgement
PSPTIS062            Translate special purpose texts from English to LOTE
PSPTIS072            Use translation technology
PSPTIS069            Maintain and enhance professional practice
PSPTIS071            Translate multimedia source material
PSPTIS070            Prepare translated transcripts
PSPTIS068            Demonstrate complex written English language proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts
PSPTIS067            Demonstrate complex written LOTE language proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts
PSPTIS064            Read and analyse special purpose English texts to be translated

Course Entrance Requirements
      • IELTS 6.0 – no band less than 6 or equivalent
• Complete a pre-training assessment for language, literacy and numeracy skills
• Must be 15 years or over
• Permanent resident or temporary protection/visitor visa holder from non-English speaking background.

Course Duration & Delivery
Duration: Part-time 1 year, Full-time 6 months.

You will participate in class learning activities including:

• translation projects
• translation reviews
• group discussions
• pair and individual work
• simulations of real-life job assignments
• computer-aided translation.

Assessment may include:

• written work such as quizzes, assessment reports and reflective journals
• delivery of research/project presentations
• practical demonstrations in translation labs
• translation tasks
• minor typesetting and formatting of translations.

All units are delivered in English and some units may have bilingual activities and assessment tasks.