This is designed for people who want to improve their permaculture design skills, to work as supervisors, designers and change managers for private clients or organisations. Participants will not only acquire high level design skills, but will also build their knowledge in a broad range of areas in keeping with permaculture’s multi-disciplinary nature.

Unlike most other permaculture courses, this course leads to a nationally recognised VET qualification. It is suited to participants who wish to work at the supervisory level within permaculture design projects, and may involve the supervision of others and working with people of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Course structure:

Approximately 200 hours classes and excursions:

  • 5 day intensive 18-23 January                                          5 days at 6 hours/day = 30 hours
  • Wednesday evening classes during school terms            38 wks  x 3 hours/wk= 114 hours
  • 5 Saturday excursions or intensive practical sessions                                            30 hours
  • 4 day intensive 20-23 September                                    4 days at 6 hours/day = 24 hours

Total 198 hours. Students should expect to complete all work by the beginning of December 2021.

Self directed learning using online materials: approx. 400 hours

Learning and teaching style

The course is structured with a large self-directed learning component, but includes intensive group activities. Students will work individually, collaboratively with other participants, and potentially with outside individuals or organisations.

Students are required to complete online research and learning activities prior to each Wednesday class. This learning is in addition to students’ work on their assessment projects.


Core Units

AHCPER401 Provide advice on permaculture principles and practices

AHCPER404 Plan and implement permaculture works

AHCPER405 Select appropriate technology for a permaculture system

AHCPER406 Identify and analyse bioregional characteristics and resources

AHCPER413 Evaluate suitability of species as solutions for permaculture applications

Elective Units

AHCPER402 Design a rural permaculture system

AHCPER403 Design an urban permaculture system

AHCPER407 Design harvesting and storage systems for permaculture products         

AHCPER412 Operate within a permaculture aid and development program

AHCPER410 Recommend approaches for sustainable community and bioregional development

AHCPER409 Manage a permaculture seed bank

AHCPER408 Implement and monitor animal health and welfare programs for a permaculture system

AHCBUS407 Cost a project

Entry Requirements

There are no Training Package entry requirements for this qualification.