Our Certificate II course is offered as a VET in schools program for Victorian secondary school students. It is currently the only VETiS permaculture program offered in Victoria.

Student learn by attendance (3 hours per week) over 2 years at our partner campus at Templestowe College, in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs.


Core Units

AHCPER201 Work effectively in permaculture

AHCPER203 Record information about the local bioregion

AHCPER206 Plant and maintain permaculture crops

AHCPER209 Recognise characteristics of plants and animals in a permaculture system

AHCPER212 Use and maintain garden hand tools and equipment

HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety

Elective Units

AHCPER204 Check and operate permaculture water systems

AHCPER205 Prepare and store permaculture products

AHCPER207 Care for animals in a permaculture system

AHCPER208 Harvest permaculture crops

AHCPER214 Propagate plants for a permaculture garden system

AHCPER215 Assist with garden soil health and plant nutrition

AHCWRK201 Observe and report on weather

AHCPER210 Operate within community projects

AHCPER202 Harvest, treat and store seed

AHCPER206 Plant and maintain permaculture crops


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