This qualification describes the skills and knowledge for entry level and support roles in the permaculture industry. Permaculture support workers may include urban food growing assistants, permaculture farm workers, community nursery workers, and school garden assistants.

Individuals in these roles perform routine tasks under supervision. They collaborate with team members and community members to share resources to grow plants and animals, using basic permaculture ethics and principles. Work environments may include permaculture farms, community farms, and schools.

To achieve this qualification, competency must be demonstrated in:

15 units of competency:

  • 6 core units plus
  • 9 elective units.

AHCPER224          Work effectively in permaculture

AHCPER217          Report information about the local bioregion

AHCPER219          Plant and maintain crops in a permaculture system

AHCPER221          Recognise characteristics of integrated plant and animal systems

AHCPER222          Use and maintain hand tools and equipment for garden and farm

AHCWHS202         Participate in workplace health and safety processes

AHCPER216          Harvest, treat and store seed

AHCPER218          Prepare and store products from a permaculture system

AHCPER220          Harvest crops in a permaculture system

AHCPER223          Produce new plants for a permaculture garden system

AHCPER225          Assist with garden soil health and plant nutrition

AHCINF207           Maintain properties and structures

AHCECR203          Perform basic ecological restoration works     

AHCWRK210         Observe and report on weather

AHCWRK211         Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

AHCIRG219           Assist with low volume irrigation operations

The further study pathways available to learners who undertake this qualification include:

AHC33822 CIII, AHC42122 CIV and AHC52122 Diploma Permaculture

The following employment pathways are available to students who complete this qualification:

Community gardens, nurseries, landcare initiatives, farms and small holdings.